Give Your iPad Classy Protection With This Handmade iPad Sleeve

Sleeves are one of the simplest and most protective ways to carry your iPad. However, when on a search for the perfect iPad sleeve, you’ll soon begin to notice that a lot of the sleeves look gaudy and have poor plastic or a wet-suit-like construction. But when scrolling through Etsy last night, I regained some of my hope for the iPad sleeve market when I came across the Sienna iPad Leather Case by Luscious Leather NYC, an Etsy seller.

This sleeve features an all leather construction and an envelope design. You can close the envelope using the included leather latch to keep your iPad secure. The leather is hand-stitched using one continuous piece of thread, giving it a seamless look. The leather is thick, so you can be sure that your iPad is protected while inside of the sleeve.

Since each case is handmade, the sleeve is completely customizable. For an extra $15, you can add a keyboard fit to the case that allows you to stow a keyboard with your iPad. Pricing and the list of additional add-ons is available on the seller’s Etsy page. The Sienna Leather Case starts at $79.00 plus shipping.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.