The GhostStand Will Float Your MacBook In Mid-Air

TwelveSouth always does an excellent job with its MacBook accessories, and the GhostStand for MacBook is no exception. This new stand is completely transparent and raises your MacBook six-inches off of your desk.

The top of the GhostStand is coated in a grippy silicone to ensure your precious laptop won’t slip off. The GhostStand not only looks beautiful, but it also improves air circulation to your laptop as well, allowing it to run at lower temperatures.

According to TwelveSouth, the GhostStand’s design was inspired by mid-century post modern design, namely that of Philippe Strack’s Ghost Chair. The stand features an “impossible shape”-like design that is sure to impress whoever walks by your desk.

You can purchase a GhostStand for your desk for a penny under $35.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.