Getting your contacts in order one Fruux at a time.

With all the web 2.0 hype, and all these social networking sites that let you keep in contact with each other, one has to wonder why no one has developed an application that lets you sync your address book with everyone else in it. I’m tired of having out of date addresses, and more importantly, I’m tried of having to go through my address book and email/track down every single person who has moved since the last time I spoke with them. I mean, one of the more difficult things to do once getting out of college is maintaining connections with those friends and colleague you met during your studies. This type of problem sounds like something that a computer was built for. But, unfortunately, I’ve yet to stumble across any application that would theoretically do this, until we received an email from Joeles Baker about a project that seems to be addressing this concern. The people over at Fruux seem to be in the process of giving me exactly what I’ve been looking for. Given the diagrams on their website, it seems that they are mac users, and that an application should be forth coming. Here’s to hoping!

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