First Generation iPod Nano Class Action Settlement

Looks like Apple has settled the class action lawsuit against the first generation iPod Nano scratching too easily due to not having coating on the device. The settlement comes to $22.5 million.

The affected iPods are First Generation iPod Nanos. These were the ones that were introduced in September of 2005 and were black and white.

There is a website for this at

This only applies to those who have uncoated iPod Nanos. In order to see if your iPod Nano is covered under the suit, you will have to go to the website and enter your serial number.

Here is the breakdown of how much you could get:
– iPod Nano with coating $0.00 (Not Covered)
– iPod Nano without coating
– With Slipcase $15.00
– Without Slipcase $25.00

There’s a bunch of legalese in the document entitled “Class Notice” on the website. Basically, it may be a bit more if not everybody files a claim. It may be a bit less if more than the maximum for the $22.5 million file a claim. But will not receive anything more than $37.50 (if there is money). I wouldn’t get my hopes up, since Apple tends to sell quite a few iPod Nanos.

I’m not a lawyer, so nothing I really say can be used in a court, so read the documents.

I know I’m filling out one for my iPod Nanos. One of which is not covered, but the other one is.

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