New iOS title from Square Enix, Guardian Cross, coming this Spring

Square Enix announced today that they will be releasing a brand new fantasy themed card-battle game for the iOS platform (and for Android) called Guardian Cross. The game will apparently be free-to-play, and it should be launching sometime this spring. Square Enix hasn’t given us a whole lot of information regarding the game, but they did post a whole bunch of screenshots of the game on their Facebook page today. My guess is that this game will be somewhat of a mash-up between Final Fantasy and Magic: The Gathering. Sounds good to me.

What’s awesome about this is that it continues to show that Square Enix is sort of a rarity in the game development world. They’re always pushing out content for the mobile platform, and specifically for iOS, and more often than not, it’s really good. I’m just happy to see that a game giant like these guys can recognize and make use of a platform that obviously has a huge market to take advantage of. Keep it coming, Square Enix!

Source: SlideToPlay

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