Flip4Mac WMV… Watch those Windows Media Videos on Your Mac!

If you’re new to the Mac you might have noticed that when you try to watch a video online that has been encoded for Windows Media Player you’re kind of out of luck.  Well the guys at Telestrem have a great application called Flip4Mac WMV.  This application integrates with QuickTime, which allows you to watch WMV encoded videos.  They also have other WMV products that will allow you to import and convert WMV to QuickTime format.  This is only one of several applications that they offer.  Unfortunately, you will be charged for these other products.  It’s kind of like the free version of QuickTime 7 Player, and the full version of QuickTime 7.  The other great thing about this application is that you can also listen to audio that is encoded for Windows Media Player.

If you just upgraded to Snow Leopard, or bought a new Mac with Snow Leopard don’t worry.  They offer Snow Leopard compatible versions.  They had a Snow Leopard beta version of Flip4Mac the day Snow Leopard launched.  So no more will you have to tell your Windows friends that you can’t watch the video that they emailed you.

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