Flickr Find Friday: The G4 Cube

The G4 CubeI’ve been doing a ton of upgrading at my clients as of late and I think it has me in a nostalgic mood. I saw this beauty in our Macgasm Flickr Pool and it brought out the warm fuzzies. The G4 Cube was one of the coolest computers, and possibly a bit ahead of its time. I don’t think people were ready to pay a few hundred dollars more for a slower, less expandable G4. Sadly this little beauty only made it through one round of production and was discontinued. I personally loved doing hardware repairs on these. My tiny girl hands were perfect for getting into the tiny cracks and crevices of its components in its artfully composed inner core of a structure. The best part was you pushed in on a bar on its under carriage that popped out a handle, and then you just lifted out the complete inner workings. So very cool. Not all of you may know this, but most of the time, the insides of Apple’s products are just as thoughtfully designed as the outsides.

Photo Credit: Nick J Stone

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