Facetime for Mac – beta today!

At today’s event, Steve Jobs announced and demoed FaceTime for the Mac. The application is designed to be simple and purpose-focused. It ties into your existing contact list, supports full screen, and will flip the video of the Mac user to match the orientation of a user on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

It will be available as a beta as of today.  You can download FaceTime from Apple’s website already; however, there has been some mention of bugs and delays in getting the app running.

FaceTime has not been integrated with iChat, nor does it let you chat or send files.  It’s a straight up video chatting application, as it was expected to be.  Upon downloading and installation you will be asked to log in to your AppleID and then add an email address to your account.  You can either use your AppleID or a secondary email address as the primary email for your FaceTime account.  For instance, my Apple ID is a Gmail account, and I’m now using my @macgasm account for FaceTime.

The application pretty much works exactly like the phone version.

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