Entrepreneurgasm: Entrepreneur Magazine iPhone App

When I found out one of my favourite magazines was launching an app for the iPhone (fueled by Texterity), I thought “now THIS will be something I’d use!” So needless to say, I was excited to finally download it. As a promo for the launch of the app, Entrepreneur is letting you see their May-September 2010 issues for FREE through this app! How cool is that?! It’s no secret that print mediums are dying, and as someone who still loves a tangible magazine, I hate having to wait for my subscription to arrive in the mail – this app satisfies my impatient nature.

When you open the app, you choose which issue you would like to browse, as well as a list of brand new articles. You can also search all issues, check out your bookmarked articles, or look at your account. I choose the June issue – from there, I can see a list of all articles in that issue, or browse though it page by page just as I would if I were holding the magazine in my hands. Though viewing magazine size pages on a small device is difficult, all I can think about is how perfect this app would be on the iPad. I would never buy magazines again.

I’m a weird person who likes magazine ads, and this app doesn’t exclude them when you flip through the pages. I can skip pages, or focus on one article at a time, where it comes up as just text and is very easy to read. I can even add a comment, email the article to someone, or bookmark it to check it out again later.

What I love…

I don’t think it’s a secret at this point that I love this app…I love the magazine, and this is an easier way to get, read, and organize the content I love.

What is missing…

This app is simple and easy to navigate, but I feel like it’s missing something…it is so magazine-focused that I feel left out from all web content from Entrepreneur.com. In my opinion, there could be a lot more to the app to take it from awesome to super-awesome.

Hurry and download this app while it’s still free! You have until September to get access into the monthly issues before you commit further!

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