EA continues purchasing spree, buys up Bight Games

Electronic Arts (EA) is pretty determined to insure that the company is properly positioned, and able to succeed, in the new world of gaming. The company has been on a purchasing spree lately, most notably buying up PopCap games for a cool $750 million, and it appears that there’s no sign of a slowdown.

EA has purchased Bight Games, the development house behind Trade Nations, NBA Jam, and Legends of Wrestlemania. The purchase price hasn’t been disclosed, but it’s becoming pretty obvious that EA is focusing heavily on acquiring companies with experience in the in-app-purchase experience.

In a post on the EA Web site, EA has stated:

The freemium game model in mobile is here to stay, and it’s growing fast. With the proliferation of choice in games and lessons learned from other platforms, consumer expectations are changing from early days where pay-per-download games were the de facto standard. Freemium games give players the flexibility to control more of the game – how fast they progress, how much and how often they want to spend to enhance their experience. The Bight team will help us to bring more freemium games to our chart-topping lineup of mobile titles this year.

The world of gaming is quickly changing as people spend more time on their mobiles than they do in front of televisions and gaming consoles. It’s pretty obvious now that EA is focusing quite a bit of energy, and money, to insure that they have a stronghold in the newly emerging gaming market.

Plus, it’s pretty exciting that a development house from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, managed to sell their company to EA. I’m a sucker for a good Canadian story.

Source: EA
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