Drobo researching Thunderbolt integration, sky remains blue

To our great surprise, it seems that Drobo is indeed doing something incredibly unexpected — market research for interest in Thunderbolt-enabled Drobos. I mean, come on. What kind of mass-storage company would look into cutting-edge high-speed data transfer interfaces? Oh, wait…

Today Drobo released a customer survey, complete with an incentive to be entered into a drawing for a $250 VISA gift card. Our own Josh Wright had the incredible opportunity to put his name up with thousands of super-nerds and weigh his opinion on the design of a new Drobo unit, and, of course, enter to win this awesome prize of $250. We’ve got screenshots after the jump.

The survey asked all sorts of questions about the hardware you use with your Drobo, what you own and plan to purchase, essentially your standard consumer survey, but this gem stuck out:

I think that’s as good a confirmation as any that Drobo likes Thunderbolt. They just want to make sure everyone else likes it too.

I’m stoked at the idea of a Thunderbolt-enabled Drobo, even though that will most likely make it cost an even more inordinate amount of money. I’m just bummed now because I was also ready to buy one for myself in the next month or so, but now I have to make myself wait. Anyone got any iPhone 5 rumors I can drool over in the meantime?

Image Credit: Josh Wright and Drobo
Full Screenshot

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