DoubleDock asks “why have just one row of docked apps?”

The sight of app icons in the dock of your iPhone may be okay for the little guy, but if you’re MISTER IMPORTANT and you just absolutely have to get yourself a second row of docked apps… DoubleDock is for you. It’s an app available for jailbroken iPhones via Cydia (the software access point for all the coolest jailbroken stuff), and simply places a second row of docked icons where you’d expect to find them, where they behave in a predictable way. It’s not overly glamorous but you’ll definitely get to rack up lots of docked apps, which will be a huge hit with the ladies.

A quick note about installing DoubleDock from RedmondPie:

The current version 1.0-23 has incompatibility issues with the popular Infinidock and Five Icon Dock tweaks which is something you should be aware of before purchasing DoubleDock. Those two tweaks are flagged as incompatible, meaning that Cydia will auto uninstall them when installing DoubleDock.

If you’re ok with that, go nuts.┬áDoubleDock is available from the Big Boss repository for $0.99.

Source: RedmondPie

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