Does Sony want “The Social Network’s” Aaron Sorkin to write Jobs’ biopic?

It should come as no big surprise so soon after legendary Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs’ death that a movie is in the works, and it sounds like Sony would like to see Aaron Sorkin (the man who gave us The Social Network and The West Wing) take the reigns. Purely rumor at this stage, but The Los Angeles Times is saying anonymous sources put Sorkin at the top of the short list. Even so, it sounds like Sorkin is still only “considering” the project.

Sorkin’s The Social Network was a powerful biopic based on Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to fame as the mind behind Facebook (even if there are disputes as to the movie’s factual accuracy), and his accomplishments both in film and television certainly secure him as an intelligent and respectable choice (I guess Paul Verhoeven must be busy).

Sorkin is known for penning stories about the lives of fiercely smart, if difficult, figures, of which Jobs certainly was one. Isaacson’s take on the late executive as someone whose penchant for “magical thinking” was both a great advantage and a fatal liability seems particularly suited to a Sorkin script, as does the detail about Jobs’ biological father, whom he met unwittingly at a Silicon Valley restaurant.

Jobs’ authorized biography by Walter Isaacson was published in book form yesterday by Simon & Schuster. At present it’s not known if the book will form the narrative basis for a movie, if one does end up getting made.

Source: Los Angeles Times
Via: AppleInsider

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