DigitalColor Meter: a free color selection tool

    I’ve been working on a web application lately and I’ve been needing to determine what specific RGB value a particular color is on a website. I thought I’d need to go out and buy an app to do this, but guess what, I didn’t have to purchase one.

    Apple includes a free application called “DigitalColor Meter.” It’s free. It comes installed with OS X. It will allow you to hover over an item and it will return what the RGB value for that color is.

    Here is a screenshot of the actual program running.
    DigitalColor Meter App

    There are a few options with the program, most users probably won’t need to change any of the default options, but they are there if you do need to change them.
    DigitalColor Meter Preferences

    Below are the output options for the value selected.

    DigitalColor Meter output options

    I thought I’d alert everybody to this application, just in case you did not know that it was there. Remember, it’s free and comes with OS X.