Default Case: A follow-up

About a month ago, I reviewed Default Case. I have been able to use the case for a bit longer now, so I thought I would give some additional feedback regarding the product with some real world experiences.

First off, the product does protect the iPhone as one would expect. So this is good news. The case extends just a bit passed the front glass, so if you find your iPhone sliding across the ground on its front, it may not be scratched as easily, so this can be a saving grace from a hefty replacement cost. Despite the protection, I have been able to find a few things that do concern me regarding the product.

The first is that the case can cause some discomfort. I have never been a big cell phone talker. I tend to send text messages instead of talking on the phone. But I did manage to find myself needing to use my phone for some strange reason, and I was on the phone for about a half hour. About ten minutes into the conversation, I found myself switching the phone from one ear to the other because the corner of the case was digging into my ear. This is not a pleasant experience to say the least.


Another unpleasant experience occurred when the case broke on me.  I went to pull my phone out of my pocket and somehow it got snagged. Once I did manage to extract it from my pocket, I noticed that the corner was broken and part of it was hanging loose. I did not like this at all. I broke the piece off so it wouldn’t get stuck on anything else. Since I broke off the corner piece, the phone is not held in place as snuggly as it should be.

I’m not sure if I can recommend the case anymore. Currently the price is still $0.01 per case, which does still make it somewhat attractive; however, if the retail price — $34.99 — does go into effect, I would recommend that you move on to another case, one that is more sturdy, not broken as easily, and most importantly, significantly cheaper.

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