Crossover to the free side!

Check this !#$% out.

Hopefully we’ve all heard about the Codeweavers “Lame Duck Challenge Free Offer” whereby Codeweavers are offering FREE copies of their signature software CrossOver Pro. If you haven’t, check out the vid:

Let’s say that again: FREE SOFTWARE. Seriously. FREE.

So, it’s awesome! Unfortunately, the problem that pretty much everyone has had so far is that the whole thing is just TOO popular, and thus it’s impossible to get your registration and download.

Today, though, and today only the good people at Codeweavers are offering FULL VERSION DOWNLOADS. Do I have to say anymore? You’ll still need your serial number (which can also be gotten from the link above), but you won’t have to wait for registration to get things rocking.

PS – If you’re a paid user already, you’ll be able to use this offer to get another year’s support, which is a nice way to keep existing paid customers happy with an offer like this.

What.. You’re still reading? I feel like Ferris Bueller.. GO!