Civilization V settling on the Mac today

The day is upon us. The dawn of a new age. Civilization V is released on the Mac, and it is indeed a wonder. Ported from the PC version by Aspyr, the highly addictive turn-based strategy game will be available through Steam for OS X.

More importantly, Aspyr listened to user feedback from the community, and Civilization V will support Steam Play. That means if you’ve purchased the PC version of the game on Steam, you won’t have to buy the Mac OS X version again, you can just download it for free. And now, the opposite is also true.

From the Civ V Mac FAQ on the GameAgent NonBlog:

From the comments that poured in, it seemed clear that many of you had purchased the PC version, even though it was the Mac version that you really wanted, and either expected that Civ V Mac would support SteamPlay or that Civ V Mac would not even be released for some time. Obviously there was a lack of communication on our part, and, quite frankly, we don’t want you guys to have to pay for our mistakes. So for those of you to whom we failed to communicate properly, and those hold outs that just waited anyway, PLEASE ENJOY THE GAME! And if you like your Mac version then please consider purchasing Mac DLC when it becomes available!

Game saves to the Steam Cloud will be supported, but not at launch. There will be a patch released later adding the ability to save your games to the online server. Game saves are not cross platform compatible, however, so Mac OS X saved games will only work on a Mac, and PC save games will only work on a PC. The Mac OS X version does not support user mods either, so you may want to check out the PC version for that if you really want to.

Article Via The GameAgent NonBlog

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