ChordMate: Taking the guitar digital

For Father’s Day this year, my siblings and I decided to get my father a guitar. He’s always wanted to play, and he’s never really gotten around to teaching himself or picking one up. But, there’s a slight problem. None of us live at home anymore, so teaching him how to play would be a fairly difficult task considering the distance between all of us.

On the positive side, my father bought my mother a mac a couple of months ago, so now I can recommend applications to them that will make their life a little bit simpler. Here’s where ChordMate comes into play. ChordMate is an awesome application that helps people find chords for their guitar, as well as string together some chord progressions so they can start to feel like a rock star. It’s the perfect tool for those just beginning, and an excellent tool for those of us who have been playing for a while, but need to brush up on some of those Jazzy chords.

It’s a little bit steep in price, but is not that far of a leap from a chord book from your local music shop. So if you’re thinking of playing the guitar but have no one to teach you, this application along with some tabs from the internet would be the best way to get started.

On the downside, if you want to start finding chords in a dropped d tuning, so you can play your guitar with one finger, you’ll have to shell out $40.00 for the “Pro” version.

Now excuse me while I go play Stairway to Heaven. ;)

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