Everything you need to know to get caught up while you were on holidays.

Well, the holidays are officially over, and most of us got way too wrapped up in them to post much, so I thought I’d write one post to get you up to date on the happenings in Apple land while we were all gone, stuffing our faces with turkey and opening all of our gifts. It’s a half-ass attempt at getting back into the swing of writing, so… deal with it. ;)

  1. New Mac Minis have been rumored to be sitting in the wings, waiting for Mr. Jobs’ replacement at Macworld to announce. It’s also believed that the new Mac Mini will support duel displays.
  2. Everyone loves to eat yellow snow. Right? Well, what if I told you that partaking in yellow snow goodness is a way to get your iPhone off of those Crappy AT&T and Rogers networks? I bet you’d gobble down a whole ton of it. That’s right, an unlock application is in Beta!
  3. A certain internet celebrity freaked out over Steve Jobs’ health and sold all of his Apple stock, a Gizmodo writer takes the heat for having “bunk” sources, and MSNBC decided that it was okay to be dicks and speculate in an article where they clearly say they don’t speculate (I filed this one in the ‘who cares file’). If people are buying and selling stocks based on a blog post that clearly cites the news as a “rumor” and an internet celebrity…they deserve to be flogged.
  4. There’s a pink iPhone floating around, and of course the internet is a buzz with rumour mongering and rejoicing about a new iPhone being on the brink of release… but, it turns out it was just a cover for the back of the phone (lol).
  5. An Apple store got robbed, and thethieveswere clearly wimps, as theyobviouslyavoided the Mac Pros!
  6. There might be a Super-Duper sized iPod touch (Newton 2.0 anyone?)
  7. Our Holiday Giveaway has closed, and we’re sorting through the submissions and will be picking the winners in the next couple of days!
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