You Can Now Have A Mac Pro With 128GB Of RAM

Apple’s most powerful computer on the market just got a bit more powerful. That is if you choose to upgrade its RAM.

Up until now, the maximum amount of RAM you’ve been able to have in your 2013 Mac Pro was 64GB. Customers could either buy the stock 16GB model from Apple, or order one with an upgraded 32GB or 64GB of RAM.

Now performance enthusiasts have an even further option, as Transcend has unveiled its new 32GB DDR3 modules. This allows customers to pack 128GB of RAM into their Mac Pros, doubling the previous maximum of 64GB.

The 32GB modules offered by Transcend run a bit slower than Apple’s 16GB modules, with the two running at 1333 Mhz and 1866 Mhz respectively. The massive increase in quantity over the smaller decrease in quality should still be more enticing to most.

The price or release date have yet to be announced, but expect that to happen sometime in the near future.

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