BitClamp: Encryption Software for the mac.

I’m super paranoid. It’s kind of built into my nature. When it comes to security there is nothing to difficult or too complex for me to undertake if it’s an extra step in securing my home network and mac. Now, I’m by no means an expert in any of this stuff, but I believe that any application that helps me guarantee the safety of my machine is worth it’s weight in gold, and bitclamp is one of those apps that makes it worth it.

The application is designed to make it as drag and drop as is possible, and it makes the process of encrypting and decrypting your files fairly simple. Right now, the software is mac only, but they are planning on creating a windows based version so you can share the encrypted files across networks and us them on multiple platforms. For those of you in the “know” you have the options of using Blowfish – 448Bit, AES – 256 Bit, Serpent – 256Bit encryption algorithms. It’s not free, but for 20.00 you can’t go wrong. Oh, and they provide a free decrypter, so you can decrypt all those files your paranoid friends and family send you. Excuse me while I get my tinfoil hat.

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