Here’s to the next billion apps!


For all the talk of the iPhone not being a gaming device it sure looks like the top 10 paid applications to date are all games.  1 Billion downloads today, and every single one of the top applications are games, with the exception of four.  That’s a lot of sales for an industry that the phone “couldn’t” compete with.  Anyway, 1 Billion applications sold in a little over 8 months is pretty damn exciting.  I wonder what 30% of those sales were.

A huge congrats goes out to Apple, and more importantly, all those application developers out there who’ve made the appstore a success.  Without you guys I’d have no way to kill time between meetings and blog posts.  *Cheers*  We’ll keep our eye out for the winner of the billion download contest and let you guys know who the lucky person was once we find out!

Just a little aside in case you missed it earlier.  The iPhone is a gaming device and it’s already competing with the DS in spectacular fashion.  If you’re looking for app recommendations for your touch or iphone check out our apple a day feed.

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