Better Than iChat!

Do you ever want something a little better than iChat for you video chatting? Well, personally I didn’t at first. After a few tries I did, however have problems talking to family members through my router. My first thought was to restart the router. There was no give. Then I decided to renew the I.P. address right from my terminal. This didn’t help either so finally I told my cousin (who I wanted to video chat with) that it would not do anything. He told me to go and download some software called…Sightspeed. He told me it was specifically designed for video chatting and I decided to go and try it. It took me less than ten minutes to have it installed and running. The software was awesome. Sightspeed actually has two versions one that is ad supported, and one that you pay a little for which also has several extra and very nice features. You can even have a multi person conference call which is an awesome feature. iChat is good but Sighspeed is awesome. You can also use some very limited chat functions. Skype is always a choice but the quality is not as good in Skype.

Sightspeed can also call any telephone number. Of course this is with a price. The audio is not even what Sightspeed was about, but the audio quality is great. I love Sightspeed. To join you do have to sign up for an account just like in Skype. But I really think that it is worth it!