Astronut for the iPhone — a review

Iconfactory’s new game is called Astronut. It’s available for free on the App Store and comes with 4 levels. You can buy an additional 20 levels through in-app purchases. It uses Apple’s Game Center to track highscores and achievements.

Knowing that Astronut is designed by Iconfactory was reason enough for me to download and try the game. Those guys are responsible for some of the greatest app designs out there, and Astronut is no different.

The attention to detail put into the game is stunning. The menus are simple and easy to use, with a Tron-like glowing design.

The goal of the game is to navigate your astronaut through 24 levels or “systems” as they are called in Astronut. You navigate by jumping from one planet to the next. The planets are spinning at different speeds and gravity levels. On your way through the system, you can collect “shards,” which are used to unlock bonus missions. Of course, you also face alien enemies while jumping from planet to planet.

Astronut uses a button based control for navigating through the main levels, which I personally like. You have a button to make your astronaut jump, thus giving up control to gravity. The only control left while your astronaut is floating is a “boost,”which you can use to destroy enemies. It takes a couple of seconds for it to recharge after usage.

In the bonus level I played, Astronut uses a tilt-based control, which is a good choice for speeding through the level, trying to collect stuff.

When you score a new highscore or unlock achievements, you can broadcast it on Twitter, Facebook, or send out an email. Unfortunately, the Twitter integration is a little flaky and didn’t work as smoothly as the rest of the game.

Overall, Astronut is a lot of fun and can be pretty addictive. Since it’s free, go and check it out yourself.

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