Apps of the Week: Wunderlist, Penultimate, and Sparrow

Starting today, we’ll give you a look at the top apps of the week (in our opinion). We’ll mention one app per platform; iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and Mac OS.

Ready? Let’s begin.

iPhone/iPod touch:

Wunderlist: Ever find yourself in need of a dedicated task manager or to-do list? Wunderlist is the only app that comes to my mind. Yes, there’s Omnifocus, Things, and the most recent sensation, Remember the Milk. However, if you’re like me, you don’t need an app that has 200+ features when you only require one or two. Wunderlist solves this. Yes, it has more than two features, but it also has a simple interface that’s beautiful. Plus, it’s on all platforms (and they sync).

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Penultimate: When you’re in a meeting or class, you might need an app to jot down your notes and ideas. Of course, there’s the built-in notes app. But what if you just want to use your finger? “Penultimate gives you the fast, tactile gratification of writing on paper, with digital power and flexibility. Take notes, keep sketches, or share your next breakthrough idea — in the office, on the go, or home on the sofa.”

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Mac OS:

Sparrow: Okay, let’s be honest. Everyone has an email account. Yes grandma, even you. Even with all the social outlets out there, we still have to use every once in a while. But why the negativity? Because it’s a hassle to go to your providers website, sign in, and check your emails. Sparrow solves this by getting rid of the obstructive look, by giving email a sleek and minimal look, similar to Twitter’s Mac client. Email is… fun again.

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