Apps Of The Week: Photography Edition

Photos play an important role in our lives. They help us hold on to memories. They allow us be creative. They show our funny side. And, they let us find what we’ve been looking for. This weekend, take some extra time to stop, smell the flowers and then take a picture of them.

If you’re a mobile photography lover like me, you should also check out the Mobile Photography Awards. Founded to promote and harness the global phenomenon of mobile photography, a winning submission could score you the grand prize of $3000. They’re taking submissions until December 15th, so get out there and get snapping or dig through your photo gallery and show them your best. Winning images go on the MPA gallery tour. Cool!

Now, on to the apps…

The iPhone: One Memento

Come and take part in a worldwide photography experiment! One Memento was created to capture 250,000 moments. Each person is allowed just one. Jump on the bandwagon for free.

By downloading the app, you get access to the “one-shot” digital camera and a chance to share a single moment with the world. Log in with your Twitter information (love the social sharing aspect) and agree to the T’s & C’s.

Whether you snap the photo in-app or choose one of your favorite past moments from your photo gallery, that’s up to you. But if you mess up, Robot Corp is allowing you a two hour window to re-take the photo. Once you’re happy with your ‘memento’, add comments and send your memory off on a journey for the world to see.

I really like that this isn’t just for iPhoners to enjoy. Everyone’s ‘One Memento’ will be showcased in an online gallery. Your image immortalized forever. I checked out the website and it has a live stream of every photo that has been uploaded so far. I can’t wait to choose my ‘memento’ and join the herd.

You can follow the journey on Twitter using hashtag #onememento. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed to see what special memory I choose to share with the world. I’m still pondering…

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The iPad: ColoRotate

Are you into art and also love science? ColoRotate from is going to get you excited when it comes to designing color palettes. It works great solo or connected to Photoshop CS5 or CS6 and can be yours for $4.99.

There are a few ways you can get creative.

  1. Take control with the intuitive 3D color scope. Edit colors by rotating the color sphere until you capture the shade you’re after.
  2. Extract a hue from an image
  3. Generate harmonized color palettes.
  4. Then it gets really cool. Open an image and have the app create a palette for you. Say what?!

There are six different preview modes to see your palettes. Share with colleagues, clients and friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote or Dropbox. Not convinced? Give it a go on your PC first by visiting the ColoRotate website.

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The Mac: Fun Booth

Photo booths are always so much fun. You’ve probably jumped in one at the mall with friends or you’ve been in one recently at a wedding. Before, it was the thrill of getting a developed photo in hand so quickly; now it’s just the thrill of seeing a real life photo versus a digital copy on your desktop.

Fun Booth by Sourcebits Technologies is giving you a photo booth for your home, for free. Using your Mac’s built-in camera, snap some hilarious pics and even video. But wait, there’s more…

Choose props! Fake moustaches, hats and glasses. The app will automatically adjust its size and position, in real time, to fit your face. You can combine multiple props. Then, share instantly.

This could be pretty hilarious to have out at a house party. Nothing like a good laugh to soothe a throbbing hangover the morning after.

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Game Of The Week: Spot The Difference! 2

One of my favorite things about flying with Canada’s Porter Airlines is the “Find the Difference” game they always have in the very back of the inflight magazine. I do it every time I fly with them and it’s actually something I look forward to. So much so that if the jerk that sat in my seat the flight before me actually circled the differences in pen, I become extremely annoyed.

Spot The Difference! 2 is a digital version of this game and hopefully one that can control my temper next time this happens. Created by Reign Design, this free app is the sequel to one of the original spotting games on the App store.

Basically, you’ll be shown two pictures of the same image side-by-side, but small things have been changed. It’s your job to “spot the differences” before time runs out. There are a few different types of gameplay modes and a ton of different pictures to go through. It may sound easy, but just you wait until you can’t find that last difference on one picture. Grrr.

One negative thing about this app, though, is the “in your face” ads that pop up after you complete each level. I’d rather pay $0.99 and avoid this nonsense. I get that this is a highly downloaded game for you, Reign Design, and you’re using it to promote the other apps you make, but it’s annoying. Almost as annoying as the person who circles the differences in the magazine.

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