Apple’s got some competition for iBooks, Google

Get ready Apple! Get ready Amazon! Google’s about to get all up in your grills and start selling books this summer. Yup, you heard me right, the company who decided it was an excellent idea to start filtering content for the Chinese has decided that selling books is a great idea.

During an event in New York, Chris Palma revealed that Google plans to offer books on a host of devices. Before a Zombie-Orwell arises from the dead it’s probably important to note that Google plans to sell the books through their book search portal. This means that Mom & Pop stores will be able to sell the Google versions of books online, meaning that bookstores can continue to turn a profit.

Oh, who am I kidding, Orwell’s probably turning in his grave right now. Doesn’t digitizing books mean it’s easier than ever to control access to “printed” materials? Would the Apple’s and Google’s of the world have the kahuna’s to stand up to a government that asks them to ban a book?

Google did it once, and I’m not so sure they wouldn’t do it again.

Via AppleInsider

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