Apple readying Logic Pro X, says it won’t look like GarageBand

A few details were revealed this week about Apple’s plans for the next version of Logic Pro, Apple’s music editing and sequencing program. According to Japanese site macotakara, a customer interview was conducted about the next version of Logic Studio. Following the new naming convention for its Pro apps, beginning with Final Cut Pro X, the next Logic will be named Logic Pro X. Fortunately for the Logic Team, the last version of Logic Pro was in fact number 9, so there won’t be any accusations that they skipped a version as there were for Final Cut Pro X.

As with the transition from Final Cut Studio to Final Cut Pro X, applications that were previously bundled together in a suite were either phased out or integrated directly into the Final Cut Pro X application. According to macotakara’s source, WaveBurner, Apple’s CD authoring application, will be integrated into Logic Pro X and will no longer be a standalone program. However, the virtual instrument environment MainStage will be released as its own application. Soundtrack Pro 3, previously bundled in Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, is still discontinued and will not be developed further.

Also according to the source, the Logic Team hopes to avoid some of the confusion surrounding the Final Cut Pro X launch, especially in regards to 64-bit architecture. Logic Pro was already a 64-bit native application, and 3rd party plug-ins are already 64-bit, so there should be a much smoother transition from the previous version to the new Logic Pro X.

And finally the source revealed that the Logic Team said only one thing about the interface of the next version of Logic Pro:

It won’t look like GarageBand.

Via: MacRumors
Source: macotakara
Image Credit: Apple

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