Apple mentions Siri and Dictation in iOS 5.1.3 beta, well?

Will Apple finally do it? Will they bring Siri to more iOS devices? A recent discovery in the iOS 5.1.3 beta includes a line saying, “About dictation link text” in the keyboard setting screen on both the iPod touch and iPad. Of course, this could mean solely dictation, which is currently only a feature of the iPhone 4S. Or, it could mean more. Or, it could mean nothing at all. After all, Apple did say that they had no plans to bring Siri to other devices. Did they change their minds?

Regardless, the screenshot and information, courtesy of CultofMac, shows something we’ve not seen before. Maybe the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or the iPod touch (or a combination thereof) might see some added features in a future iOS update.

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