WWDC 2012: 400 Million Customers, 30 Billion App Downloads

After Siri warmed up the audience with some Fozzie Bear-like humor, Tim Cook took the stage at today’s WWDC keynote.

Kicking off the 23rd annual WWDC, Tim wows us with some numbers. There are over 400 million accounts on the App Store, and they all have credit cards attached. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, there are 650,000 apps in the App Store available for purchase and download. 225,000 of those apps are designed specifically for the iPad.

So, how many downloads are we looking at? Over thirty billion. That is with a “B” — BILLION. You know what else is in the billions? The cash paid out to developers. Over $5 billion have been paid to devs from app sales.

At this point, the App Store is available in 120 countries, and Apple is working on making it available in 150. These are truly mind boggling numbers.

Image Credit: GDGT

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