Tablet Popularity In China Explodes, iPad Dominates Sales

A report by Reuters has indicated that sales of tablets in China have soared this past year, with 2.6 million tablets sold this past quarter compared to the 1.6 million sold in the same quarter of last year. With tablet sales almost doubling since the previous year, winning the dominant spot in China is something all tablet makers desire.

Unfortunately for other tablet manufacturers, Apple seems to have China locked down. Of those 2.6 million tablets sold last quarter, iPad sales made up a massive 71 percent of sales. This puts Apple miles ahead of its closest competition, Lenovo, which sold only 10 percent of the 2.6 million. Apple can also smile over the sales of their legal buddy, Samsung, which only took in 3.5 percent of these sales.

This quarter’s sales for Apple are expected to be even higher, with the release of the iPad mini and fourth generation iPad. Apple’s competitors are going to want to ramp up their efforts in China, while growth is still increasing, to rapidly try to prevent losing customers forever. If companies wait too long, they’ll risk losing more and more customers to Apple’s ecosystem and product line.

It will be interesting to see if Windows 8 tablets are able to make a dent in Apple’s Chinese fortress of sales.

Image Credit: Tech Diem

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