The Amazing Super Cavemen Is Free For A Limited Time

If you’re looking for a ridiculously clever video game that costs you absolutely nothing to play, you’re going to want to check out Super Cavemen from Big Splash Factory before the game goes back on sale with an actual price in the coming days. Right now it’s free, but there’s no word on how long that’s going to last. Don’t get caught with your pants around your ankles.

This action based strategy game requires you to attack incoming dinos in a similar fashion to Plants Vs. Zombies, but with enough of a twist that it’s a unique experience worth playing. You have to line up the appropriately colored caveman to kill the appropriately colored dino that’s stampeding in your direction. When they appear, you’re going to want to tap on the dino eggs to gain bonus points along the way.

Anywho, the app is climbing the free app listing on the App Store relatively quickly, so we thought we’d recommend you pick it up before you get stuck paying for it. It’s worth checking out this independently developed game. It’s loads of fun.

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