Steve Jobs still very much involved at Apple

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Steve Jobs is still closely involved in running Apple, taking business meetings at home and over the phone. Citing “people familiar with the matter,” WSJ said that Jobs is still keeping a close eye on strategic decisions and product development, with a new iPad coming in the next few months, and as we reported earlier, new small iPhone model to be introduced this summer. Jobs has also been seen on Apple campus, and also in public in Palo Alto with a company executive.

Day to day operations inside the company remain unchanged, with Tim Cook taking over the reins in the same fashion as during Jobs’ previous medical leave. According to the WSJ, people inside Apple and its business partners said that “while there is a sense of sadness about Mr. Jobs’s health struggles, they said Apple employees are focused on their jobs and projects.”

Whether or not this ‘news’ is timed in response to yesterday’s stock price dip, it’s meant to reassure both the general public and investors that although Steve is not physically at the campus full time, he is still guiding the ship. Since Jobs has chosen to remain silent about the seriousness of his condition, or the nature of his health issues, we will simply have to wait and see.

I for one wish Steve the quickest of recoveries and return to good health.

Article Via Wall Street Journal

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