Skype, Coming To An Xbox Near You?

Love-hate relationship aside, there’s no doubting that Skype has become ubitquitous with video chats around the Internet. It seems like Microsoft is planning on extending the brand’s reach by integrating Skype directly into the new, yet to be announced Xbox. Microsoft has published a new job description on its Careers website, looking for a new Skype for Xbox – Lead Program Manager. According to the posting, “The Skype for Xbox Program Manager Lead will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Skype experience on Xbox, and will be directly accountable for its market performance. She or he will be responsible to see this new product from concept through launch, monitor its performance and recommend enhancements as necessary.”

While these types of job postings usually leave specifics out of the picture by remaining as vague as possible, it seems like Microsoft has thrown caution to the wind this time. It’s pretty obvious that Skype will be coming to the next-generation Xbox. With Apple rumored to be introducing a television (which we doubt) in the upcoming months, it’s pretty interesting to see that Microsoft is also taking the potential in the living room seriously.

That said, it’s one thing having 12 year old kids troll you on Xbox live over voice and chat, but it sounds like there’s about to be a whole new level of trolling  on the horizon. Just be warned, the first kid to video troll me by actually tea-bagging my corpse over video will be hunted down mercilessly. You’ve been warned.

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