Samsung posts Galaxy-iPhone 4S comparison chart

Now that the iPhone 4S has been announced, Samsung has quickly jumped in to post a comparison chart between that phone and their own Galaxy S II… and it obviously favors the latter. They point out some of the ways in which the Galaxy S II is the clear winner, such as physical screen size (the Galaxy’s 4.3-4.5-inch display versus the iPhone 4S’ 3.5-inch display) and weight (4.3 ounces versus 4.9). There are a few comparisons which are jiggered around a tell only part of the story (such as referring to Siri as merely “voice activation”, though it’s a lot more) or stuff that most people don’t care that much about (such as using your phone as an HDTV remote… does anyone actually buy a phone for that feature?).

The iPhone 4S was announced on Tuesday and was met with an underwhelmed response from the public, as both public and press were expecting a ground-breaking iPhone 5 with a new form factor. While the iPhone 4S represents a leap in speed (with a dual A5 processor) as well as other improvements (such as the camera), it didn’t generally bowl everyone over the way previous iPhone iterations have, especially considering the buzz around the event itself (as new CEO Tim Cook’s first keynote).

Samsung has run into some hot water with Apple lately, as several lawsuits have been filed against them for patent infringement. Apple has managed to block sales of Samsung products in Germany and Australia as a result, and so there’s most definitely no love lost between them.

Source: AppleInsider

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