Rumored HDTV From Apple Back In The News Again

If you thought you were free of hearing about Apple’s rumored Apple Television, the one apparently already hanging on the wall in Apple’s R&D Bunker, you’re gonna have to guess again. The infamous rumor is back on the menu, and this time around, just like the last time, a release is apparently imminent.

According to a report in Barron’s, some Internet service providers are already trying to determine how a television from Apple could influence their packet senders. Translated, that likely means they’re trying to figure out how to gouge you for the luxury of using your Internet a second time. Don’t doubt them; they’ll figure out how to double dip on your bill.

Anyhow, another analyst believes Apple could sell a couple million (4.8 to be exact) HDTVs in the short term: “We note that Jefferies analyst Peter Misek is forecasting Apple TV unit sales of 4.9 million units in CY13 and 11.6 million units in CY14. These estimates assume an actual Television product (not a “puck” like the current Apple TV).”

For the record, we’re still not entirely convinced that Apple will sell us a full-fledged television. What could a television do that a “puck like” Apple TV couldn’t? One is easily upgradable every couple of years, the other (just like your computer) would require a substantial hit to your wallet every time you want to upgrade. Factor in shipping costs to move the televisions around the globe to customers, the storage space needed in retail stores, and other various mechanics, the prospects of an Apple Television in the near future is certainly doubtful. It would be something that would require a lot of finesse to pull off in the coming year.

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