Report: iTunes accounts compromised via gift cards

Matt over at The Next Web is reporting that several iTunes customers are seeing suspicious activity on their accounts after buying in-app purchases in the app Texas Hold’Em and others from developers Hongbin Suo and GameIsLive.

This activity has shown up only with users using gift cards — as opposed to credit cards — in the App Store.

This isn’t the first time that iTunes gift cards have been used to compromise accounts. The Next Web reported on this over the summer as well.

As the article suggests, this may be the result of users purchasing gift cards from unofficial sources, like eBay. However, since most of the reports so far are tied to a small number of apps, my bet is that there’s something fishy going on within the app itself.

Either way, Apple has been slow to move on things. If you see any odd activity with your iTunes account, you can contact Apple support via the company’s website.

Article Via The Next Web

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