Plans To Open Third Apple Store In Beijing Finalized

With Apple sales in China doing so well, many people have been speculating what other cities in China might get a future Apple Store. According to ifoAppleStore, Apple has finalized plans to open one in Beijing, making it the third Apple Store in the city.

The third Apple Store in Beijing will be located in the city center and less than a mile away from the historic Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Sources report that the store will be at street-level along Wangfujing Street, a mile-long pedestrian-only strip with more than 200 shops including both Chinese and international brands.

The street’s retail history dates all the way back to 1200 and is now a major destination for locals and tourists. Beijing’s first Apple Store is located in the Xidan Joy City, about a mile west of Tiananmen Square. China’s first Apple Store was originally planned for Qianmen Street, south of Wangfujing, but the Chinese government reportedly couldn’t complete renovations on the street and surrounding areas in time for an Apple Store to open before the 2008 Olympics.

With Apple sales doing so well in China it only makes sense that the company would want to expand its retail stores into a market that it is dominating. Just last week it was reported that Apple is taking the tablet market by storm, with 72.66 percent of the market share in the second quarter. Based on construction timelines, the third Beijing Apple Store could open in early 2013.

Source: ifoAppleStore via TUAW
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