News Roundup 6/17: Apple Maps Won’t Cover Shinra Headquarters

This is going to be a quick one, as I have been prepping games for you today. You’ll have to wait until Friday to get a look at that. We’ve got some further peeks into Apple’s upcoming OS’s, as well as some looks at Apple’s new businesses.

The iPad Facelift Continues

  • The first looks at the iPad’s new multitasking has generated a lot of buzz, and for once it isn’t early obituaries. *App Advice* has a detailed look at the way that Notification Center is changing in iOS 9. In landscape, both notifications and widgets will be present, using a lot more of the screen real estate.

Opt-out Or We Own Your Stuff

I think that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but according to blogger *Mike Ash* Apple isn’t that far off. Essentially Apple is asking for the right to use content without sharing revenue for ads next to the content. The best part is that unless you opt-out of the terms, Apple will scrape your RSS feed and assume you’re game. It should be interesting to watch how the media reacts to this.

Apple Can Call It Avenue Sight

Making Apple Maps catch up to Google Maps is going to require a lot of work. The next step is mirroring Street View, which is why Apple has an army of mini vans collecting pictures. According to Apple the program is currently mapping England and Ireland. You can also see where the vans will be for the upcoming weeks.

Relive Polygonal Bliss

Final Fantasy VII is getting a fancy HD remake for modern system, but iOS is due to get a port of the original. This is a port of recent re-releases for PC and Playstation, so don’t expect much of a facelift. App Advice reports the remake does not have a set release date.

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