Keep Cables On Your Desk With This Sleek Magnetic Drop

Cable drops are painful to look at, unless you’re putting them in your toddler’s room. With all the brushed metal adorning my desk these days – I still have the last generation cinema display – finding solutions to keep my cables from dropping to the floor can be problematic. This new magnetic cable drop device uses the metal in your cables to keep your magsafe, lightning, and thunderbolt cables within reach at all times.

The MOS Magnetic Organizer is already available on Amazon for $39.95, and you can buy extra “cable ties” to attach to your other cables that won’t stick for another $5.00 (it’s a three pack)

It may seem a bit pricy, but if you’re particular about what sits beside your MacBook on your desk, this is well worth it.

Via: Ultralinx

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