More Of Apple’s Supply Chain Moving To The US


Here in the United States, there is increasing pressure to bring jobs back stateside by manufacturing your goods locally. While electronics are famous for being made in Asia, it looks like an increasing amount of Apple’s production is being done in the US.

Neil Hughes, Apple Insider:

When Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook was recently asked at the D10 conference about the possibility of his company building products in America, he noted that some crucial parts for the iPhone and iPad are already manufactured stateside. Specifically, he identified the ARM processors built by Samsung in Austin, Texas, or the Corning Gorilla Glass made in Kentucky. But the iPhone and iPad — Apple’s two most popular products — are made up of much more than the CPU and glass that Cook highlighted. These complex mobile machines include power controllers, proximity sensors, cellular radios, Wi-Fi chips, audio and video chips, accelerometers and more — and a number of those parts come from American companies.

This in-depth post over at AI really dives in and explores where different parts of Apple’s products are being made. If this topic is near and dear to your heart, take a moment and read the article.

As I try to step back from my pro-American bias, it seems like a good thing for production to be spread out across the world. When Japan got hit with natural disasters a few years back, a whole industry was hit hard as well. When we have a little bit of everything being made across the planet, it is much less likely for any disaster to drastically impact an industry. No matter where you live, it is in your best interest for electronics production to spread out, so this is good news.

Source: Apple Insider

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