Logic Pro 9 and MainStage 2 now on Mac App Store, prices reduced

Apple’s music software Logic Pro 9 and live performance environment MainStage 2 have made the transition over to the Mac App Store, following similar moves by Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion earlier this year. The migration away from retail boxes and towards online distribution for Apple’s Pro software usually results in a reduction of price, and such is the case here as well. Logic now sells for $199.99, and MainStage 2 is unbundled from the Logic Studio package and will sell for $29.99.

The old Logic Studio package is no longer available, which means that applications that were bundled with it, namely Waveburner 1.6, Apple Loops Utility, and Impulse Response Utility, have most likely disappeared. Another casualty is Logic Express, which makes sense given the new price of Logic Pro.

Logic Pro 9 has multiple bug fixes and is a download of 413MB. MainStage 2 is 303MB, and now includes support for Macs with four or more processor cores.

Via: Cult Of Mac
Source: Apple

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