Jon Stewart debates what’s going on behind the scenes at Foxconn

Alright, everyone has heard of Foxconn. After all, the Chinese manufacturing giant produces just about every cool tech device out there. They’re behind your favorite Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon devices. As of late, the company has been under fire by the media for the unfair treatment of their laborers. In fact, their employees just settled a pay dispute with them. Last week the story caught the eyes of This American Life,  but last night The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart had a little something to say about the issues at Foxconn.

It will be interesting to see how the tech giants that use Foxconn respond to the giant’s internal issues. Will they stand up and speak out? Or turn a blind eye while continuing to roll in the revenue. Time will tell. Early indicators suggest that Apple’s actually leading the pack, trying to do something about the problems in the factories where its products are made.

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