Jawbone Up Back From The Island Of Misfit Toys

Jawbone has just brought the Up back from the brink of irrelevance. Previously known for breaking and poor results, this $130.00 fitness and sleep-tracker bracelet is now back on the market, and hopefully problem free from problems this time around.

The device is aimed at people looking to get better control of their health by monitoring various facets of a healthy living style (sleeping, eating, and exercising).

We’re a little on the fence about the re-release given the results of the last device on the market. Also, the multiple players in the market, including FitBit, Nike Fuelband, among others, will make it even more difficult for the Up to separate itself from the pack in the future.

Our honest recommendation is to wait it out and see if these things start breaking again before dropping your hard-earned beer money on one. Also, watch out for blog posts that tell you to pick one of these things up. They did that last time and we all got stuck with lemons.

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