Hulk Smash-Proof Screen Protectors Hit Kickstarter

A new, super strong screen protector has hit Kickstarter. The Holy Grail doesn’t just prevent unnecessary scratches from showing up on your screen, but it’ll also protect you from idiots with hammers trying to hulk smash your iPhone screen. No, seriously.

From the campaign page:

A 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness there are very few materials harder then the Holy Grail® protectors. This means, Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail® protector is nearly impossible to scratch. It is also uniquely strong, allowing it to absorb most impacts with no damage*. And, it’s proprietary glass blend means it’s clarity is unbeatable.

The company is trying to raise a measly $5,000, and they’re already half way there. I know a few people who can’t stop breaking their iPhone screens. This type of screen protector would work perfectly for them. At $20, the Holy Grail is going to be worth checking out if you’re the type of person who uses a broken iPhone more than a pristine, non-cracked phone.

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