Hong Kong Gets Second Apple Store


Fresh off of the heels of yesterday’s news of three Apple Stores coming to Sweden, we have another report of a brand new Apple Store popping up. This time, our friends in Hong Kong have a new store to look forward to in the coming days. Of course, Hong Kong already has an Apple Store in the International Finance Center, but this second store will be coming to the Festival Walk Mall in Kowloon Tong.

Despite all of the drama associated with the Apple Stores lately, it is clear that there are no plans for slowing down rollouts any time soon. As Apple prepares for their holiday season products to be released, we’re seeing current stores being remodeled and new stores popping up left and right across the world. Whatever Apple plans on releasing, they obviously expect this holiday quarter to be huge. If you plan on spending any time at an Apple Store in the next few months, anticipate it being absolutely insane.

Engadget China was able to snag some photos of the grey covering of the new Hong Kong Apple Store, so if you want to check that out, you can take a look after the jump.


Not a lot of detail in the photo, but we can expect this store to be pretty damn big. Let’s hope they can keep up with the demand.

Source: Engadget China (Translation)

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