Hard Drive with Apple Store confidential documents mistakenly given to customer after Genius Bar appointment

In another apparent leak of information, an Apple customer recently walked away from an Apple Store Genius appointment with a hard drive containing Time Capsule backups of the Apple Store’s server. The customer had brought in his Mac for a hard drive repair to the Stamford, Connecticut, Apple Store, and when he came to pick it up, he was given not only his Mac with a new hard drive, but also a hard drive which the man assumed to be his old non-working drive.

When he got home, however, he plugged in the old drive to see if any files could be saved, and to his surprise he found a working drive containing the Apple Store server Time Machine backup drive containing Apple documents from 2009 to 2011! He sent some screenshots to Cult of Mac showing the hard drive directory and some file thumbnails, which you can see here.

The screenshots do look legitimate, and the customer seemed to think so as well, purportedly offering the drive to Cult of Mac in exchange for an undisclosed sum of money, which they refused to do (good for them!).

It’s the second leak involving Apple this past week, with news that an iPhone 5 prototype was lost in a bar in San Francisco, in a strange bizarre mirroring of the way the iPhone 4 prototype was lost. If it were any other company, no one would really care. However, no other company takes its secrecy quite as seriously as Apple does. Is Apple’s cone of silence beginning to show signs of wear? Genuine mistakes? Or planned and orchestrated ‘accidents’?

My advice to the man with the Apple Store hard drive? Give it back.

Via: Gizmodo
Source: Cult Of Mac

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