GTA: Chinatown Wars drops price to criminally low $2.99

As console versions of Grand Theft Auto move ever closer to a realistic representation of the urban environment, portable titles have stuck with the tongue in cheek tone that made GTA so fun in the first place.

GTA: Chinatown Wars was released way back in January 2010, and demonstrated how a return to the top-down-viewpoint could still be a valid approach for the series. It also showed how the iPhone could give both Nintendo and Sony a run for their handheld money. Arguably a little expensive ($9.99) compared to other games, Rockstar has rewarded those with patience by dropping the price to a criminal $2.99.

For those unsure, Chinatown Wars is a complete port of the original DS / PSP title, with the added benefit of not having to carry another handheld device to play it. It’s also one of the best iOS games out there with a stunning graphics engine and intuitive controls that take full advantage of the touch screen.

Most importantly, it’s a GTA game — one of the most popular gaming franchises the world has ever seen. If you’ve ever played the PC originals, you’ll feel right at home, unleashing carnage on an unsuspecting city.

The price drop also includes the HD version for iPad so there’s no excuse not to go and get buying.

Source: touchArcade

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