Glass Apple Store comes to southern France

Aixenprovence rendering 650

Apple is not leaving the cutting edge in retail store design alone. This rendering of a mainly glass Apple Store in Aix en Provence, France, is absolutely beautiful. magazine is reporting that what is now a tourism building in southern France will be torn down, and this beautiful new Apple store will be erected.

…the city required Apple to build to new earthquake standards, and harmonize with the surrounding picturesque streets. The city is in the south of France, and is favored by good weather and thousands of tourists each year. The area to the west of the future store has been recently reconstructed with many upscale shops from international retailers. According to the magazine the store could open by late 2012 or early 2013.

Thanks to the hard work Apple and its contractors have put into glass technology, the quality and strength of the glass panes allows for even less structural framework. Instead of garish logos and posters, you will see a sleek, clear building filled with the coolest gadgets on earth.

Not only are Apple stores beautiful, but they are incredibly profitable as well. Currently, Apple operates 361 stores worldwide with nine of them already in France. In fact, one of their flagship stores is French. Of course, Apple’s most famous store is the subterranean Manhattan store featuring a giant glass cube.

Source: ifoAppleStore

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