Found: Unaired Apple Commercial From 1983 Featuring Andy Hertzfeld

Step right up and witness a piece of Apple history. This unaired commercial from 1983 features original Macintosh software designer Andy Hertzfeld talking about how he thinks people will use a Mac in the future.

Rocking some killer 80s eyewear, Hertzfeld says:

[quote]I expect to be totally amazed at what people are going to do with Macintosh. Every person, unique individual, brings something to the machine, just as the machine brings something to them, and the interaction between the two makes amazing things happen. And I expect people to use Macintosh’s to totally blow my mind, two years out, you know the incredible energy that is going to be put into it is really going to do some amazing things.[/quote]

I wonder if it ever crossed his mind that Macs would be used to land a robot on Mars?

Source: OSXDaily